Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Griefdoc is becoming Comfortdoc

Since the early days of Journey of Hearts, I have used the pseudonym "Griefdoc" as part of my online alias. The focus with this handle was on grief and grieving. See The Grief Doc at http://journeyofhearts.org/about/griefdoc.html

Over the last several years, I have begun using the pseudonym "Comfortdoc" the name you notice I am using as my profile for this blog. The focus with this newer handle is on comfort and comforting, I think a more appropriate name for the purpose of Journey of Hearts.

So with the redesign and refocus of Journey of Hearts, I am shifting my 'handle' from Griefdoc (with the focus on grief) to Comfortdoc (with the focus being on providing comfort).