Friday, April 10, 2009

Water Blessing Labels a Way to Help with Healing and Coping

Transform your water into liquid prayersI discovered the Spirit of Water website in 2007 and immediately was drawn to the concept of these Water Blessing Labels. I have always been inspired by words and quotes. These Blessing Labels provided an easy way to help focus one's intention on health and healing, by putting labels on things that you use or that you see from water bottles to mirrors or windows.

The labels serve as a reminder of what you want to be focusing upon whether "health," "healing," "miracles," "faith," "courage," "energy" or many other words and symbols. As a physician their motto resonate with me:

Transform your water into Liquid Prayers.

What are Water Blessing Labels?
Water Blessing Labels are reusable static cling blessing labels allow you to using words as a simple way to enhance healing especially in the hospital setting and turn water or medicine being given to a patient into a liquid blessing. They can also be used to create liquid blessings for family members with words such as "guidance," "acceptance," "courage" and "faith."

Blessing Patients with "Liquid Prayers"
The imagery of "Liquid Prayers" or "Liquid Blessings" was one that really resonated. The labels were a way to enhance the healing process, especially for patients who believe in the power of intention. An example from the website really hit home for me:
After you shared the idea of putting healing labels on I.V. bags for chemo therapy, I took the ones I had bought for myself and got permission to use them on the I.V. bags of some of my patients in hospice care. I usually use "love" but sometimes I ask the patient what they want to use. Some use other words from the set.

I think it has made all the difference in the morale of those who undergo their treatments. I can see the amazing difference in their attitudes.

Thanks for that brilliant contribution.

Bonnie M., Ames, IA
It didn't take much for me to make the leap about how we might have used Water Blessing Labels when my youngest was in the NICU, to bless her fluids and to help us focus and stay positive by scattering inspiring, motivational messages all around. One of the things that was so frustrating as a NICU parent was the feeling that there wasn't much you could do. Using water blessing labels was a way to do something and also to focus positive thoughts on healing.

You can find out more about the Water Blessing Labels and other products at their website, The Spirit of Water.

More about the Water Blessing Labels:

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