Sunday, January 8, 2012

Healers and Healing - Learning to Let Go

Healers and Healing was written soon after I finished my residency program in 1996. It was written as my way of expressing my experiences with as a medical student, resident physician and physician in training  hospice and hospice care.

What I discovered (and this is even more difficult with all of the new advances and new technology) is that often the most difficult role of a physician may be knowing when to "let go," and just "to be."

Healers and Healing

the ancient covenant between physician and patient
a promise to cure,
to save,
and to restore. 
appears in many forms--
The right antibiotics for an infectious organism
The curative chemotherapy for a malignant tumor
The correct diagnosis in a complex case. 
But what of the terminal diagnosis
with no treatment options
when your diagnostic skills are no longer required
your presence will not alter the course? 
Healing manifests on the purest level--
an extension of the soul,
aiding in the acceptance of the process
finding peace and serenity
on the path leading to transition. 
of pain,
and emotional distress.
No longer with technical devices
and the newest medication. 

But just
A cheerful smile
An open ear
A gentle touch
A warm embrace
Taking the time to listen, to be
to share a part of yourself. 
becomes an expression of caring and love.
The greatest gift of all
may be the ability
to walk with a person
help provide them with strength
and courage
on their path to transition
and then let go.

© 1996 Kirsti A. Dyer, MD, MS

About the Poem
Healers and Healing poem was one that I used in a resource included for an AMSA presentation that I gave in 2001 to medical students on Caring For The Person,Not Just The Patient In End-of-Life Care. It was featured as an article on "Healers and Healing: Learning to 'Let Go' published on the old Beyond Indigo site in 2002.

Healers and Healing is a poem that I continue to shared with my bereavement graduate students as part of the Bereavement Course that I teach.

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Butterfly from Auora 26

Saturday, January 7, 2012

An Angel Blessing for Those in Challenging Times

From a quote card that I created several years ago for someone going through a difficult challenge:
May Angels comfort you
in challenging times,
Encircle you with loving arms,
Hold you in a warm embrace.

May they give you strength
Sustain your spirit,
Bring you grace and
a calming sense of peace.
 Kirsti A. Dyer MD, MS

The quote was intended for anyone facing a challenge, whether a health-related challenge or one at the end of life. The original cards featured the beautiful SpiritArt Angels of J. Ann Maskier. This quote went with her beautiful Spirit Guide angel.

Angel Embrace by ppdigital.