Monday, July 9, 2007

Why the name "Journey of Hearts"?

What is a "Journey of Hearts"?
In 1997 following a series of events, I decided to create the first physician-sponsored healing place for people who are grieving on the Internet. It was going to be a place to provide information and nourish the soul.

The byline, "A Healing Place in Cyberspace" came first, chosen for the alliteration. The title for the website was influenced by a book of poetry that I had self-published with a friend in 1996, "Messages from the Heart: A Journey in Healing."

The name "Journey of Hearts" is to remind us how ubiquitous the experience of loss really is...the heart journeys following loss.
Visitors to the site have often had their own interpretation of "Journey of Hearts."

Sharing the Losses of Many Hearts
After a loss, our own heart begins to heal after sharing of the losses of many other hearts.

Journey of Hearts was created to remind visitors that we are not alone in our losses or our feelings of grief, that many times someone else will have experienced similar losses (or worse) and survived.

As the grieving person recognizes that others have lived through loss and survived he or she will begin to realize that he/she can survive their own loss.