Thursday, July 12, 2007

Create Your Own CarePages brought to you by Journey of Hearts

CarePages by Journey of Hearts
We are pleased to announce that Journey of Hearts has paired up with CarePages to give our viewers their own place online to create a page to connect, share and care.

What is a CarePage?
CarePages unique service allows you to create a personal, private web page to help family and friends communicate when a loved one is facing illness whether at the beginning of life as a newborn, at the end of life, or somewhere in between.

Creating a CarePage can be a way of generating support, providing information and updates easily. I think the greatest benefit may be that of holding the loved one in everyone's thoughts so they can do better and get healthy, or feel the love and support of family at the end of life.

How Can I Use CarePages?
You can use our Journey of Hearts CarePages to keep family connected when a loved one is facing a challenging illness, or at the end of life.

Visit Journey of Heart CarePages:
Visit our Squidoo Lens on CarePages: for more information.

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