Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Seeds of Promise - A Poem of Hope

The new background image reminded me of a poem that I had written many years ago called "Seeds of Promise." I've included it here for readers.
Seeds of Promise

Golden beams of joy
Illuminate the day
Transform to a fragile flower.
Intricate lacy patterns,
Woven with gossamer threads
of dreams.

Translucent desires,
Visible for those with feelings,
hidden from those with none.
Whispers on the breeze
of promise.

Seeds scatter
cast on the wind.
Spreading wishes and dreams.
Messengers of hope
and renewal.

A promise of new life,
of beginnings.

© 1996 Kirsti A. Dyer, MD, MS

About the Poem

Seeds of Promise, is a poem that I wrote to inspire and to bring hope.

The poem is about messengers of hope being scattered on the wind, to grow in other places. With the scattering of seeds comes the hope for the future and in time a promise of a better tomorrow.

The poem appears in the Emergency Pick-me-up section of the Journey of Hearts website.

Image: boymk. Big Dandelion. Royalty Free Use.