Friday, March 7, 2008

Celebrating Sacred Life Sunday

Carla Blazek at Zena Musings has come up with a wonderful idea for celebrating what is special or sacred to you in life by blogging about it weekly on Sundays.

She describes Sacred Life Sunday as follows:
Sacred Life Sunday isn't really a challenge -- that sounds too strenuous -- it's really more of a softening ... into a moment, a treasured possession, a companion -- people, parts and places of your everyday life that you cherish. Whatever is sacred to you.

For me, it might be my altar, a candle I'm burning, my dogs, the garden, a friend, a book I'm reading, nature, something I did, someplace I went, something important to me, or, who knows, maybe just my morning bowl of Cheerios!

The idea is to creatively connect with the holiness of my everyday life, plus I also need gentle kicks in the butt to turn OFF the game of Hearts and away from
shadow comforts and turn towards God, life and others.
Grief, Loss & Transitions Blog Joins Sacred Life Sunday
The main idea of Sacred Life Sunday is to share something that is sacred to you or helps you connect with your spirit on a weekly basis.

So I'll be joining the Sacred Life Sunday with the Grief, Loss and Transitions Blog and sharing something that is special, sacred or healing to me or just helps me reconnect with special restoring moments.

Source: Carla Blazek. Welcome to Sacred Life Sundays. October 2007.